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Food for thought (natch) from Grist Magazine, which provided us an easy-to-read summary of a much more extensively detailed publication from science journal Nature about the ways we can in fact make sure no one in this crowded world goes hungry:

Foley’s team of researchers concluded that we can indeed produce enough food and do so in a way that both minimizes environmental and climate damage while treating water as the precious resource it is. We will, however, have to make a few adjustments to our approach to agriculture. The to-do list is surprisingly short:

  • Close agricultural “yield gaps” — the difference between the most and least productive regions — while minimizing farming’s environmental footprint
  • Stop agricultural expansion into sensitive areas, such as rainforests
  • Stop wasting so much food
  • Eat less meat and put less food (i.e. ethanol) into our gas tanks.

Easier said than done, sure, but at least there is some solution out there.

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